Got The Goods? Money Making Youtube and Music Marketing Plans

by Matt @ Kurb on December 17, 2008

Overall web strategy. Online Music Distribution. Website promotion [SEO] and development [monetization]. Myspace promotion. Youtube promotion. Blog set up and promotion. Digital coaching. Email list management. Access to special promotions. Graphic Design

THE WORKS. Online Music Marketing starts from $US500 for 3 months. email

Well lets have your youtube account looking halfway decent for a start, it’s not much chop having this wonderful video if it doesn’t look like your serious about presenting it. Youtube is run by google it’s teaming with google juice and Google runs on text! So add text! Lots of it.

You don’t want your youtube completely barren so fix that – start by pulling stuff off your website if you have to.

You want your Myspace looking good. A professional band wants to have a professional looking myspace that looks like they take themselves seriously. Looks like they’re music probably shouldn’t be free, I mean what exactly makes a difference these days?

The you can get started on some promo, with a decent myspace that looks good and makes sense that
should start kicking over. It’s like any space, give people a reason to be there and show them what to do. Get their emails.

Do some tweaks when events take place – when a new video arrives, new downloads, other juicy content bundles that are full of goodies.

Like software and apps. Forgive me this is so a whole other post, but as you see your web designer now, so you will see the guy who designs your custom software and apps in the future.

There’s stuff to do. let me put it this way if I’m promoting some commercial emo or hip hop, I’d be a lot more blunt with my approach, but with grown up music, it needs a slightly more sophisticated approach, so we’ve probably got a lot of stuff to get straight, I hope you can bare with me.

With kids, they’re either into it or not and that’s the end of it.

But where the local scene is mature even by international standards, you have to attempt to grow your
reputation and rapport with the existing context.

Myspace won’t be a problem if your work and presentation is of a standard.

But I do like to be a little bit clearer on my research for youtube, it’s worth making the effort to
really target the audience, there is going to be an interest in new high quality material, and I feel we want to get thwse peoples emails so you can sell them things later on, and leverage it to create more buzz, where there is this established scene to feed off.

Again, this sophisticated market expects free music. Maybe they expect bootlegs and remixes or other interactive 2.0ful experiences.  That’s something we’ve just got to negotiate how we can with.

How you say? I said! Get the emails! Get me a few hundred emails, anyone got a few hundred people on email? Show me those emails then we get to work.

When we get to auto responding those fans down the endless funnel of delightful digital products, we got fan management revenue locked up.

Check me out I’m so fly I don’t even collect emails, but you not fly like me.

So your plan is pushing your traffic where exactly? To itunes? To the video for paid views?

Where’s the high value prospect? That’s why I fly, because of the value of my prospect is high!

You feel me?

Your awesome video you’ve spent too much money on is there to engage so that the target is excited about what they’ve seen.

What do you want them to do after the video? Buy the track? Download free material? Submit email?

They want to sign up for email and they might participate in actions that result in revenue that you will solicit by email and a later time!

This is where I focus on a landing page – which fulfill all these specific outcomes.

We herd them up toward this page where we know should to they happen to have not previewed the video, they can do so, there’s purchase buttons, your social network buttons, your download for the free mixes
you’re offering, plus email sign up.

This is where it goes down.

Otherwise where’s your written content, new release, new video? we need to have that “press release” type
copy prepared as I will be formatting that message for different social media – blogs, forums, groups etc.

Each of these platforms needs to be spammed engaged in the most appropriate manner.

But you need to start, as always with  your keywords, don’t forget based around artists you sound like.

Same with onsite youtube promotion, you don’t want to run around youtube spamming the place, there’s a place for spam , it’s called myspace.

If you’re clever and experienced like me, you use keywords when automating promotion on youtube so you only get highly qualified matches. Otherwise seriously you’re just spamming the place.

Again with your youtube, your copy, you’re going to want to mention artists and labels that you’re distinctly akin to in sound and vibe, and just all the normal press release stuff, if you can do quotes . . . anything I can work with!

So what do we do with our writing? Where do we put it? How do we get it to all the different social media, how will people come to watch our video?

How do we make the landing page with the email and the buttons?

How can we autorespond with deligtful funnels?

Well you can wait around and keep reading or you can get your wallet out and email me, Matt

Our US$500 3 month online promotion packages include:

Overall web strategy
Online Music Distribution

Website promotion [SEO] and development
Myspace promotion

Youtube promotion

Blog set up and promotion

Digital coaching
Email list management
Access to special promotions

Graphic Design

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