Expressing Your Music Marketing Through Stories to Build Brand Value and Make Money in Music

by Matt @ Kurb on December 12, 2008

Alright I’m following up my last post where I was talking about making sacrifices to make money in music.

I wanted to start talking about how it relates to branding which is a big theme right now on this blog over the holiday season, but I got pretty carried away with my story that I had to make my point into another post, and this is it.

I was talking about how desire to create revenue was shown to be prevalent amongst musicians who generally just wanted to be able to create enough income to leave their jobs and earn a sole income from music and digital content enterprises.

In my last post I was just sending a strong message that it’s not actually that hard to make money online you’ve just got to be prepared to make a commitment that’s long term.

You can’t expect to earn the equivalent income from online sources of a highly paid professional without putting in the preparation. A degree is 3 years long and costs tens of thousands of dollars, how could you expect to be successful in a music or any other online content medium without putting in at least that much into it before you even think about getting paid? Without putting in the research and understanding how the business has worked and how it’s now changing, you’re not going to find a point of value where you can start building to create income.

As long as you understand that, as an independent musician you’re on your way to becoming a successful content provider and online entrepreneur.

I mean where do you want to be in three years? Working in a job you hate slowly letting go of your dreams?

In the last post I described my own experiences in the digital music business. I described how I couldn’t work a job, because I couldn’t let go of my dreams, and though I was surviving on a pittance, in retrospect it was inevitable that I would find some way of surviving in music without having to get a job. It was also inevitable it would be online as clearly we can see now that the internet is the future of media, and this is why I assure you of the opportunities available because things are only just getting started.

So do you see what I’m doing here?

I’m communicating a story – a narrative of how I’m making it in the online music industry. It’s taken awhile, but I’m definitely getting there. And this is the brand I’m developing here at Music Marketing Management.  This Blog is all about the MMO FM so tune it in. Make Money Online from Music.

That’s right.

You’re reading this to learn how to make money from music online and monetize digital content so when I tell you about how I’ve succeeded, we connect. We connect because I’m telling you you can do it to, but you’ve got to understand how stories, just like the one I’ve been telling, connect you with your audience and build your brand.

These are the stories that will grow and take on meanings for our audiences that make us more than just another musician or another music marketing guy.

Because when I see that a large majority of musicians want to become professional, I think of the sacrifice I made to get there. You can do it if you make the commitment, if you understand that you absolutely have to throw yourself into it, you’ve got to build your own story, you’ve got to understand how you’re going to build a brand that’s powerful and speaks to people, and you’ve got to understand internet marketing fundamentals if you’re going to get the eventual success you’ll have to work so hard for.

If you’re not interested in the money making part of the digital music business, then this blog won’t be for you, and neither will my advice.

Because I love making money. I really do.  I promised myself I would start to relax a bit more once I’d reached a certain goal in earnings but I’m passionate about it, and knowing how easy it is now after so long, I want to keep progressing and developing my efforts.

My understanding the nature of the new business – and by business, I mean business – is only going to improve if I remain actively innovative and progressive within it.

I want to help people toward the future, where independent creative people will be rewarded for their individual efforts; where they can recognise exactly where to create value and monetize in the digital content chain.

But I want to do it in my way. I want to establish a brand that represents what I’m about, because I want to connect with the people who will find value in that.

Because even I want to be able to leave my job and become a powerful and valuable internet brand and content provider.

Next up: the story continues, music marketing rebranding in action.

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