Diary: New Online Promotion Blog, Recurring Revenue Ideas, and a Successful Gig

by Matt @ Kurb on December 19, 2008

Well unofficially I’m on Holiday now, but not really.

I have scheduled a break from cd duplication and dvd copying projects as well as any poster printing and distribution activities for the next few weeks until I come back from a week of gigs in the south island on january 19th.

I’ve also kicked off an official kurb promotions blog. Why? For SEO silly! More content, more mass, more gravity, more authority. Also by attaching the blog to kurb.co.nz, as a .co.nz, it should be automatically indexed as nz based material, even though the server i’m using is in the US.

I added a blog to kurb for the same reason you would to any site: I just want to click publish to add to my content mass, full of juicy links. Not to all that webmaster web design business. In time I will also use it to make announcements like specials and such, and do link outs to clients and other projects we’re involved in.

In the meantime I’m not only going to be talking about rebranding, but right now I’m also looking at recurring “passive” income. Rebranding and recurring, baby.

Today I bought some new monitors to help with my music, money is great when you’ve got the time to enjoy it, that’s why I’m so interested in recurring income streams, because I got to stop working so hard!

That’s coming up soon in the next post all about building recurring music revenue, so you can relax a bit more and not have to slave over constantly promoting your band online just to sell a few cd’s and downloads.

The party I played at last night, Futurebound at Carpark here in Auckland hosted by the Mashup Mafia, was a raging success, it was a free charity gig but there were actual queues down the street to get in which is pretty rare in it’s extremity for gigs I usually play at.

Quick reasons why?

– this is not only usually a regular “low rollers” thursday night, but they have had over 4 of these special Low Rollers gigs featuring an international act free of charge. Word of mouth about this high quality free brand has spread from the first few parties which were all well attended and executed.

– week before christmas, people are off work and want to party before joining their families, but being pretty tight on the pocket this christmas, a free gig would go down.

– The guys from the mashup mafia maintain relationships with people all over the local scene. There were a lot of performers on a 12 hour bill, a lot of sponors and connections with media,

So last night was a great success, I’m not one to speculate on the profits but it’s safe to say 400+ would have drunked a fair amount of liqour over 12 hours and the takings would have allowed for the venue, the promoter and the headline acts to get paid despite the gig charging only a donation toward charity.

Also, for those who put on that event, there will be massive goodwill generated by word of mouth regarding the queues down the street. If you know anything about the music industry you should know . . .

Money and Success only come before Work and Value in the dictionary! hoho

Don’t expect the world on a platter until people start hearing around town that there was 50 people out standing in the street for 20 minutes waiting just to stand in a sweaty, squashed venue and see your music!
Just some thoughts. In music you’ve really got to attempt to provide exceptional value to breakaway from the pack. If you’re being unexceptional just for the sake of a handful of sales on itunes, forget it.
I can’t make you into an amazing musician. I can only help amazing musicians to find ways to make actual money. More on that next.

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