Artist Forums and Music Membership Sites: Controlling the Tribe

by Matt @ Kurb on November 29, 2008

I really need to practice writing shorter posts. It’s harder to keep people’s attention these days and often, you just want to hit them with the sharp end of an idea.

Right now, I’m posting about my membership site and artist community New Music Marketing it’s really getting over run by spammers and I don’t even have much foundation content there.

So the outcome is a forum needs a lot more maintenance than a blog.

But I really feel I need to get active there.

I don’t care about controlling the content. What I’m motivated by is creating a “tribal” environment. I don’t claim to be an expert, but there is clearly a methodology I’m developing and I’m happy to discuss this on my blog in kind of broad theoretical terms, but I’m desperate to ensure my actual clients are the first to benefit from my knowledge and I like the idea that inside the forum, discussing practical techniques as they apply to specific artists, as well as being completely open about what is available in terms of scripts, bots, automation, outsourcing, etc. – this is stuff I’m not keen to discuss on my by public blog, because I generally tend to charge for it, that’s my living!

The idea for the forum originally came from all the value I was putting into 1-on-1 email consultations and wanting other clients to benefit from what I was saying.

A lot of my clients, I have to accept, are not very advanced in web 2.0 and often this is precisely why they’ve come to me. They don’t read my blog and for a lot of them the pieces of the puzzle are only slowly coming together.

The forum can become an interactive environment which could provide controlled access to content and 3rd parties – outsourced staff such as graphic deigners, web designers – who could work directly with artists. So all I need to do is focus on bringing my clients together there.

I see this as being efficient without even thinking about the main point of such forums – you’re leveraging your user base for content and feedback. When you can control your tribe within such an environment which is perceived to be somewhat insular, we can talk freely about the issues and what blind spots might be coming up for artists in the process – I can respond directly to their actual needs, rather than waffling on my blog.

It’s just a bit of a mess in there right now! I had plans. But those plans have been on hold. These holidays hopefully I’m able to rally and move forward with this platform. It’s something new, I see benefits, I see scale, I just have to tackle the challenge of maintaining it to a point I can dedicate outsourced staff to it’s upkeep.

Or at least stop the spam!
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micah 12.05.08 at 9:26 am

the forum is a wicked concept, way to go i think, definately facilitates interaction more than blogs and has a more of a community tribal feel as you said ..
there’s a few production forums i use to network and promote stuff and its brilliant cause it has the structure for all that…a great platform for discussion etc etc
if you need help admining it ever, let me know..i’d be keen to help, as i seem to live online these days!

Matt @ Kurb 12.06.08 at 1:11 am

That could be a go bro, knowing that my poor little forum is currently filled with ads and links for Viagra and what not is really disheartening right when I’m getting the resources ready to be able to move forward.

The forum as a membership site also allows you to perform functions such as charging fees and sending mail outs to all members, as well as creating restricted access to certain content.

It’s just another way software is facilitating easy management of artist development and revenue.

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