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by Matt @ Kurb on September 25, 2008

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Repackaging allows you to earn money multiple times on the same content. It’s a great way to grow your revenues without significant marginal cost.

Money One: A lot of our ideas originate on this blog. We post articles which generate traffic. We make money off the traffic by running Deck ads in the sidebar. We make a few thousand a month off The Deck ads.

Money Two: We bundled up the best blog posts about our software development philosophy and turned it into a PDF book called Getting Real. We sell the PDF for $19. We’ve made a few hundred thousand dollars from the PDF.

Money Three: We take the Getting Real PDF and turn it into a paperback at We sell the paperback for $25 and we make a few thousand a month on royalties. The paperback is currently ranked the 4th best seller on Lulu.

Money Four: We took the content from Getting Real and produced a Getting Real conference series. We held a few conferences a year and made about $50K per conference. We’ve produced about 5 of these conferences.

Can you see the way these guys are leveraging content for greater connections and revenue? They’re building content,and snowballing it into value thats paying off here, there, and again, and again!

They’re also harvesting revenue all down the tail by creating different products for different uses and users of their content. They’re leveraging the value from products that though rooted in the same content, provide different levels of value and convenience which are appropriate for the purchasers needs.

There was an interesting comment in the comments section also that made a good point when considering the needs of the different types of consumers you can engage with your content.

There’s consumer who wants to spend money to save time;

And the consumer who wants to spend time to save money.

It’s the Jerry Seinfeld thing again. Jerry gets paid quite an accumulative fraction in royalties given that he’s always on TV somewhere in the world. When he does a show in vegas and charges $200 (or does a $10m campaign for microsoft) he creates an extremely high value proposition. But there’s this massive gap in the middle where he’s not creating value with which to leverage revenue from fans.

Are you engaging your potential profitablity on multiple levels for multiple levels of fan engagement?

So lets see how this could apply to musicians:

1: Free content (written content, audio content and video content) on blog, supported by ads and used as leverage to grow fan engagement and collect emails

2: Digital content product. I’ve talked about content products replacing the album format by essentially taking the “bundling” mentality that grew out of the long player (LP or “album”) format, so you can cllect all this content you’ve got going on into a neatly curated digital experience that you can sell

3: Physical content product: This was your CD and/or your DVD, but again, we call it a content product, because it bundles all your content together for exceptional value. And with the physical product, you’re leveraging a couple of additional points of value: No bandwidth or data restrictions – you put can a lot of video and audio and podcasts and blogs and ebooks and whatever you like – such as insane interactive games or interfaces that only die hard fans would ever use – on to one DVD.

4: Performance, appearances, endorsements etc. – well you know I’ve been talking about touring for the love when you’re uncharted. But what about when you are cracking it, doing the numbers, people are buying your stuff and you’ve leveraged your content into a strong fanbase? Well then you’re going to start killing it on the road like a real musician does.

I can go on about the value you can provide in in-person, live, performance environment but the most important thing is to realise it’s the unique experience that has value.

If they’re coming to your gig, they’ve probably already got your CD. They could stay at home and listen to that, but no, the want the unique experience and the connection of coming to the show to hear you play your music.

And you’re still cashing in on the same content.

So I guess to round up, it comes back to the concept of building your content up, building your brand, and working hard on this stuff, and investing into it like a business. We’re not going to have overnight sensations manufactured any more, that model is dead.

It’s hard work building content, building networks, building your brand. But this is what you’ll discover in the world of digital music online. Build your relationships, build your fanbase and you’re going to come up on top in the end and the world – the world that matters to those you’re connected with – is yours.

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