Online Digital Music Promotions Diary Sept 08

by Matt @ Kurb on September 29, 2008

Now I still haven’t caught up with a lot of my clients but I have recognised that the kind of stuff I’ve been discussing recently has been a little bit beyond the level of most musicians who I deal with and read this blog.

I’ve been talking about “leveraging value” way too much, but I’ve said before, often you can use your blog to bring new ideas together, and obviously a lot of the time I’m blogging I’m advancing and building ideas on top of one another.

If you’re like any musician I know, you’re probably having issues that a lot of people aren’t interested in but . . .  you are! And your fans and search engines and the internet in general will be, one way or another.

I’ve talked about this before with blogging, use it as a platform to get stuff out there. What may start out as a journalling habit that allows you to reflect on your creative direction can grow into a discussion that other people will intereact and engage with.

So you understand that “leveraging value” is a way of describing getting paid. It’s a process of finding something you have as an active musician and content creator and delivering it in such a way that they will pay for it.

This is a discussion raised by the imminent slide of value in copies of content. That is anything that is a commodified reproduction is losing its value in a digital age where digital reproduction or copying, and transmission, is widespread.

So those most likely to get paid need to be tracking where the point of value is.

Now I’ve been doing all these pretty intensely theoretical posts about how to build and manage your fan base to engage and create value and leverage that to get paid.

What quite obviously comes next is we have to settle right down, and go back to a much more simple level where I’m working with my clients, and you guys can understand what we’re doing without me going on about “leveraging value” etc.

After I was away and a most of the work was done on a couple of new projects, I realised I had to give my content network a shot in the arm to build up action around all my new sites. So a lot of this stuff that I would be saving for the my artist community at is now going straight up on my blog.

See in 2008, my blog began to take up the slack with the traction I’d previously experienced on myspace. Google still played a large hand in activity around my high value propositions such as cd / dvd duplication but when it came to drawing in musicians who were interested in new ideas that were happening online, a lot of them were looking for online promotion resources, found my blog, and were able to lurk around getting little bits of value and getting where I was at with what I do before committing to actually hiring me.

Like I’ve said before, you need to be developing strategies for different fan profiles.

There might the fifteen year old girl who is borderline obsessive and just wants to help out.

There might be the guy knocking on 40 who has his family and job, but still likes to keep up his connection to muso’s on the scene.

These are different fans with different ways of rewarding you, who also require different interaction management.

Now the last thing I wanted to talk about was to talk about one more slightly advanced concept before we spend some time gettig back to basics with practical approaches to building fanbases.

And that is leveraging software . . . on another level.

We’ve talked about how at kurb we use software for promotion . . .

Now we’re talking about BUILDING YOUR OWN SOFTWARE and how this can create dynamic promotional opportunities online.

That’s next.

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