Let’s Get Paid: Digital Music Promotion Team Huddle

by Matt @ Kurb on September 23, 2008


As I say, back to work, back at my desk, back in business and getting involved in music business.

I do have to spend some time catching up with my clients but there’s nothing but business on the table now, which means building and developing new ideas.

Facebook was all the rage while the coupons were up for grabs so now it’s time to watch and learn from the progress we make with free advertising there.

But right now, Email list building is the bedrock of online marketing since even before google had anything to do with anything. At Kurb here, I’m watching trends in the broader sphere of online marketing and looking at how techniques that are used by internet entrepreneurs to “monetize” can be applied to the music industry.

I had that quote I was bashing from the head of Live Nation, who signed Madonna, Jay-Z, Nickelback and Shakira. It’s all about collecting emails.

You need acquisition strategies, professional list management, and regular content to provide.

But there are other models emerging through internet marketing. I’m developing my new site new music marketing as an exclusive membership area. You could launch a membership site for your content to leverage value you provide for revenue.

This is the point I’m driving at: CD’s and per unit song sales on Itunes are just the last gasping effort to wring the value out of traditional, analogue based concepts of how content provides value.

I believe the most powerful business models exist where the money is flying fastest, in internet marketing. The leading techniques practiced deliver results. That means building your email of fans and leveraging that for profit. And it also means considering new ways – such as a private membership site.

As in part of your website . . . probably a bit where you keep all the downloads and all your top range goodies . . . you have to pay to get into. Maybe not a lot. But maybe regularly. Re-occuring income. Not just the one of sale, enjoy your CD, seeya later. As you add to the pool of available content you a growing an ever greater value proposition.

What do I think about a membership site for you and you content? I think it’s a great strategy, but long term, I’d like to work with you for a few months at least getting your online platform in order.  Your fees on the set up would be in the neighbourhood of US$300, but you’d also have to commit long term to one of our management packages to account for the administration required, that starts at US$500 for 3 months. So we want to work together to at least open up some revenue streams first before commiting to a fiscally intensive programme!

Because these are long term strategies to create career earnings. I’m back here and I want to make some money and I think it’s time to recognise that artists want to get paid too, and it’s time for those who know what they’re doing to start getting moving.

But we also need money now. We need money we can leverage now to pay for our email management and our membership site and promotion so we can build regular long term revenue streams. So it means other strategies we’ve talked about. Zeroing in on your Niches, building up advertising, and developing products and services that serve specific niches.

There’s not really a quick way out! But we need the money! We need to get it!

We MUST zero on the proposition, basically until your face is basically pressed up against it.

A lot of artists are trying to leverage a proposition with their CD.

Buy our CD. It’s $10.

Just . . . no. Where’s the money? I don’t want to depress you by telling you no one wants CD’s or it’s just – there’s nothing original about ramming your CD down your propositions throat.

So let me say this. $10 is nothing. We need actual money. Now.

In internet marketing, you’re always looking for where the money is at. You put out a line. You buy a domain and you slap a website on it. You use pay per click advertising to see if something works. You get some bites, you do the numbers, then you roll on it.

What have you got that is of exceptional value that you can start leveraging to get money together now?

Now this may sound like blasphemy and I don’t want to give you the wrong idea but blog posts are not going to make you money. They will build your brand, your attention, they will engage and connect but they won’t make money if you don’t have the propositions on the table!

Thats what I notice about a lot of bloggers. The ones who are really making money dont blog that much! (unless they’re the true A list bloggers who’s blogging IS their main source of income).

But make no mistake. The blogging you do is the wax on wax off of content promotion. Of building your channel. We’ll talk about this channel thing that you are soon.

Collecting emails is good, creating a mebership site and charging for it is good, but we have got to get away from these websites where you’re just dawdling and it’s not . . . I mean, what am I doing here, what am I doing now. Hey I Wonder who’s online? Think I’ll check my Emails . . .


SIGN UP FOR THE EMAIL LIST! NOW, YOU DOG!!! (hmmm maybe that needs refining)



Okay. Stop.

Tell me right now. Is there a page on your website detailing how much your performance fees are and an outline of what I can expect when booking you for a performance?

Can you play weddings?



What can you do?

Can I license your songs? Would I think about it if you didn’t offer it?

What about if you offer to compose music commissioned for certain purposes.

It seems like a lunatic long shot until you considered the niche targeting within such massive potential market (that is, everyone online)

You need to launch your career imediately and show people you are a professional,  start developing the propositions so you can build value that results in getting paid.

Where can the value be realised? Where is it hiding? It’s not hiding in the CD rack.

I tried to be a pirate. $200 p/hour, dressing up as a pirate and telling kids stories. I still get calls, because I havent bothered shutting down the website because the fact was I just wasn’t ready to go and sing pirate songs and tell pirate stories and play pirate games for an hour.  I couldn’t do it. Back to the drawing board.

My friend Graham sustained a head injury before I met him and has been on welfare ever since. He can’t really “play” the guitar, more just kind of hold it and hit the strings, so he busks. The government pays for his accomodation so I think it helps him to think straight. He built this amazing art object which was kind of like well how could I describe it? A cross between a guitar and the Starship Enterprise? With a cell phone, camera, an elaborate mini light show and automated lyric sheet dispenser – it honestly looked like a time machine that could take you into the future.

Graham believed he could sell it for no less than $10,000. And I could see how that was possible. It was a unique one off.

People have been leveraging music skills for income in a variety of ways for ages! The only difference is now . . . since everyones online and information is becoming easier to deliver, you can do whatever you want!

I’m here to do marketing and marketing is about realising the value as cash money.

What about content that is more valuable than just copies of your song?

My ebook is half finished! That means at first, I’m going to sell it (and remember it’s not a CD it’s just a digital thingy so it costs nothing to make or send! The value is in the raw qaulity of the content that tells you all about starting out on digital music promotion) then when I’ve finished selling it, I’m going to make it a free thing I give away to everyone who does busines with me, so I’m totally leveraging that sucker.

With my video series though, I’m just going to be slamming that up on youtube and hoping to get some traction there. You see, you still got to take the time to build, to put your stuff out there, and bring people in with it.  I can’t realise a lot of value form keeping my videos to myself or selling them. I have to leverage them for as much attention as I can to hope that will convert on other value propositions.

But you could write an ebook. You could produce a series of videos. Once again, this is not a strategy that is going to work if you just dive in head long, cold on it, without building your platform. Where as in my case where I already have my thing going, I have a small sudience/network, I can start rolling out different kinds of content that create value for as many different people in the ways that it needs to to create an ongoing interest in my work, and the continuing opportunity to show that what I’m doing has unique value.

Okay, now you try.

Let’s go get ’em!!!!

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