Music Marketing: Time for a little talk.

by Matt @ Kurb on August 13, 2008

Web 2.0 is a busy place. And I’m a busy guy!

You gotta do your ground work, you gotta pay your dues. You gotta have the talent, and you gotta have the charisma. But I deal in big solutions. Big solutions that will break an act online, because it’s about applying methods that leverage your groundwork, the paying of your dues, your talent, your charisma, the brand and the contacts you’ve built from the 100’s of fans you’ve built to turn that in time into thousands.

And to manage those relationships for maximum value.

When I say value I mean “Something you can charge for”.

So we found out on myspace that acts could conduct online promotion and manage relationships to generate exposure. But they weren’t able to make money because it was all on myspace’s terms. But the light of myspace grows dim and those going to facebook are finding a whole different game.

Because facebook is a place for people who already know one another to connect, not for rising internet celebrities.

Artists and those bringing content online to create attention are moving closer to the source, to the heat, to the action, to the big solution.

Google is the almighty at the top of the food chain, artist are sowing the seeds to bathe in it’s light! Myspace and facebook and and whatever is on the cards are merely doorways to where artists are controlling the content. controlling the interaction and controlling the monetization on their own sites and blogs.

Their creating connection through branding, fostering communication with digital management, and creating propositions that engage fans.

They’re going to the source. Leveraging content and community with strong propositions to create fans. But where are the fans?

A digital management solution for 30 kids who come to all your shows is called a mobile phone with an sms txting function.

Most artists have barely emerged into constructing their proposition so they’re not ready to engage fans!

I don’t want to buy your music! I don’t!

You’ve got to do better than that. You’ve got to get me into it!!!!

So now that the effectiveness of hyper targeted advertising online is becoming apparent, artists just need to develop engaging propositions

like i’m talking

you can download half the album for free (the good half)

but if you want the rest we need your email.


It’s how you make money, basically.

Email. Digital management and targeted advertising. Big solutions.

The kicker about ads obviously is that they cost money.

But the final word is that thes ads are pumping my promotions and taking up the slack from the fall off on Myspace.

But here’s the thing. Google ads are one thing. Then we got Facebook ads.

So at least $50 from our FREE $250 facebook target ad campaign has expired.

I’ve just got into using my own personal $250 and I think it’s brilliant because it gives artists who dont have a spare $250 a taste of what they would be doing if they DID have a spare $250!!!

I’m going to have a detailed report on Facebook ads coming in the artist community that is up now at

Basically you got another month by the looks to get this and seeing I’ve got the 3 months for $400 cheapy deal on for kiwi acts, there’s no excuse.

For $400 you get the free ad campaign, you get a blog or basic site if you need it, you get full acces to the artist community which is stacking up with tasty tasty promo resources and I’m going to be around for 3 months making sure you’re doing everything right, and we’ll do a little myspace and youtube magic for you too.

So web 2.0 marches on!

My new blog is now at

there’s gonna be exclusive articles going up there that wont be going out anywhere else (myspace, wordpress, etc.)

And of course – sign up for the artist community while it is still free!!!

Strictly 100 members is the upper limit to this exclusive artist resource.
Also – I’m on tour in september, look for when I’ll be around and we can have a quick catch up if you’re considering digital promo.

Oct 29 Palmy
Oct 30 Wanganui
Sept 6 CHCH
Sept 10 Wanaka
Sept 11 Queenstown
Sept 12 Dunedin
Sept 13 Timaru
I would seriously take the $400 deal if you’re in NZ. The kiwi dollar dropping like this means unfortunately it’s likely that I won’t be doing one-on-one with too many local acts in the future.

But then hey – wouldn’t you rather be making money in american dollars online just like your uncle Matt?

Go global. Get in touch.

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