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by Matt @ Kurb on August 25, 2008

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Okay so there’s a little bit of a hosting issue.

Where is your website hosted? Google only introduced geo targeted search results in the last couple of years and it has until recently allowed me to dominate several niches within New Zealand given the site based on my old NZ server was 5 years old and with the work I’d done in SEO, that added up to a whole lot of geo targeted authority.

So my hosting jump and kicking off all these new sites on hostgator where I could basically do as I please and build websites willy nilly has put me on the dark side of google for the time being, which I was prepared to deal with but . . .

It was only tonight I realised with horror that the Kurb New Zealand Site is now hosted with Hostgator in the US and my geo targeting in google is all to hell!!!

There’s only so much the keywords “New Zealand” and “Auckland” can do if my server isn’t actually based in New Zealand!

This is quite a serious issue given one of my most successful strategies has been jeopardised and I can’t recall having ever found any discussion of this on any music promotion blog, let alone having to search for info on this on Google.

And why would that be? Maybe it’s something to do with y’know – if it doesn’t matter to americans than it doesn’t quite matter as much as it does otherwise?

Anyway. Kind of underlines for you and your management to have distinct awareness of online systems. There’s the design and presentation, there’s the technical functioning and then there’s the marketing and promotion. It’s not a walk in the park!

So what does this mean, big picture? It means if you really are going to own more of the web then you’ve got to be serious about geo targeting and having multiple sites on multiple servers based in different regions!

I’m completely serious! You need a website internationally targeted – most likely based in the US – But you will also need a site – and non duplicate one at that – on another server, on other servers based in important markets.

If your a New Zealand artist, you need a New Zealand based site with NZ features, but to be honest with you, you probably need another website based on a US server for the US market! Yup, and, I’m afraid to say it, if you’re serious about earnings . . . an australian site, a european site, an asian site, good god, a canadian site,

This is very similar to other detailed and data intensive elements of online promtion thats beig discussed in internet marketing. Let me not go into details but it has been illustrated that you are going to have more success in online advertising with heavier targeting, which means building seperate campaigns for locations, genders and age groups!

Lots of work to be done for artists here @ Kurb!

Sussing out NZ hosting will be the first one as as much as we like to think of ourselves as a digitally literate nation, the ocean is still full of digital oppressors ripping off little guys who don’t know any better.

Half these kiwi operators are probably selling US hosting and half the country is none the wiser that they’re getting dicked on Google.

Don’t get me wrong, my business model is based on digital ignorance also! But my clients can’t afford to pay more than $10 a week for hosting on top of a hundred other little costs, and my clients are in the music business and they’re struggling.

They need results. They need income coming in from local sources and from international sources. They need to build their network and own more of the web, and they need multiple hosting solutions.

In conclusion:

If you are not in America and america is not your main market than you should be finding out where your hosting is based and how much it is going to cost to at least bring that hosting to with a couple of thousand km’s from where you actually are.

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