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by Matt @ Kurb on July 4, 2008

Yes that’s right.


When I say that Kurb is an outfit preparing artists for the future, I seriously mean it.


When I’m talking to potential clients I always emphasize that it’s not just the technology we have access to or our experience in digital and web 2.0 strategies.



It’s not even just deep awareness of opportunities that are becoming a reality due to the digital revolution.


It’s that me and my team – yes, that’s a team now as we welcome Altaf on board who will be our new specialist Myspace and Youtube promotions person, which means more time for me to work one on one with artists developing strategy and Altaf being the man who executes said strategies on Myspace and Youtube.

But as I was saying – I was stressing the point that we are the ones who are online day in day out ready to jump on top of the opportunites that are opening up everywhere in the digital economy.

Kurb is the digital early bird getting the juiciest worms online.

That’s why I’m really excited to be offering our clients a free $US250 facebook pay-per-click ad campaign.

I’ve touched on pay per click advertising before with google adsense (for content providers) and adwords (for advertisers) and how it is the most effective form of advertising due to the way it can be targeted and that you only ever pay when someone actually clicks through the ad to your website. That is you only pay when your ad has been effective in getting someone interested and you can see why this is the future of advertising.

100% of my marketing budget (which is fairly modest given that I am afterall, a marketing expert) I spend on PPC.

I also insist when working with clients that although ppc marketing, when you use your head a bit, can be extremely effective, you need a bit of sales nous.

Getting a hundred people to come to your website is only going to be effective if you understand how to convert that attention into value, which maybe as simple as selling them something, or maybe building a relationship thats a bit more complex.

The point is that all kurb clients are getting the opportunity for $250 worth of free advertising.

Did you know that could equate to up to 2500 targeted clicks through to your website? And don’t forget this is Facebook so you’ve got the middle class 18-35 market nailed. Gee what if that turns into 250 new fans? Not bad at all!!!


Of course further good news is that technical clouds we’ve endured attempting to launch our brand new artist community seem to be clearing, we’ve got Altaf on board taking care of Myspace and Youtube, The http://newmusicmarketing site should be launching in Beta next week SO . . .

If I were you I would get an email off to me at so we can start discussing your online strategy, pronto!

Packages that have just now reopened for the first time in 6 weeks start at



US$500 for a full 3 month online campaign


While we still have an ultra special starter pack deal for New Zealanders @




NZ$400 for a basic 3 month digital coaching consultation period

And of course for those are hearing what I’m saying and understanding how important it is for artists to get involved now with the kind of stuff I’m talking about – creating a dedicated online promotions and revenue strategy – we’re launching a new artist community for resources and tools at http://newmusicmarketing.


It’ll be free for an initial trial period, and then be $US37 p/month from that point though I may consider a special $NZ37 rate for kiwi muso’s.
If you are one of my clients expect an update in your email soon giving you instructions on how to grab your $250 worth of free facebook advertising, and an update on how things are getting moving again with our expanded staff and new artist community.




Kurb is an online promotion company specializing in digital music marketing and artist management.

Follow our blog at for cutting edge web promotion as we launch – the exclusive artist community putting artists in control of their online promotion and revenue management.  

Within New Zealand we also provide low cost and hassle free CD DVD duplication and printing as well as poster design print and placement in Auckland.




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