digital music promotion and marketing diary July 08

by Matt @ Kurb on July 13, 2008

Was lined up for another bloggasm this weekend when I came down with the flu.

Just wanted to go over the main points and hopefully I’ll be able to post in more detail over the week.

July 22 I’m participating in a day long seminar for musicians at the Depot in Devonport. There’ll be industry people talking about touring, publicity and planning an album launch, and I’ll be talking about connecting with fans and making money online! It’s a fiver.

Spots are limited so look for more details to register at

Our new artist community at is up and running! There’s not much to see but the platform is up and there’s no restrictions on content for now. Once we start introducing the premium content in the next month or so, membership fees will be $37 p/month.

Obviously our offer of $250 worth of Facebook advertising attracted a lot of interest – we can still take a few more people on board at this stage so I’d like to take the chance to recommend our special deal of 3 months bare basics music promo coaching for $400.

Lets look at some of the benefits

– $US250 worth of free facebook advertising
– full access to all content for 3 months
– professional blog site. It’s got to the point now that you cant really expect to be taken seriously without an official website, so lets get this taken care of immediately – we provide your domain, hosting, installation and support.

+ much more . . .

Change is happening quickly now! It’s a level playing field but If you’re not up to speed you will easily be left behind.

When I really started ramping with this online promotion over a year ago it was new and different – but the future is just around the corner and if you’re not developing this stuff now you may as well just forget it.

It feels like the future is no longer something we’re waiting for, it’s something thats happening right now.

The future of music is online, and kurb is preparing artists for the future.

Thats why I bought myself up to speed on the back end technology so I can install and administer and do all kinds of web server development type stuff myself.

It’s nowhere near as scary once you know how so lets get this sorted immediately!


(could be a personal daily record. havent been paying much attention but definately making over $US10 p/week from blog ads alone now and I want to talk with musicians about how we can build increasing ad revenue for artists in the future)

Also, still to come:

Part 5 in our 3 part series (thats right, you read right, I’m crazy) on getting your head around the internet!

We’ve talked about the work involved in digital promotion, getting ready, why words matter on the internet and social media.

The next installment is particularly about developing your website alongside your career for engagement and revenue – all stuff I’ll be talking about in detail at the Depot artspace seminar.

And maybe if I’m feeling better I can bang one out about creating value and monetizing around communities.


PS I’m on tour again nationwide this september!!!

Palmy, Wangas, Welly, Churchur, Timmers, Dunners, QT, Wanaka, Invers . . .

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