In digital we trust: Getting your head around the internet, digital music marketing and online promotion

by Matt @ Kurb on June 17, 2008

This is part one of a series on basic basics gearing up for two big events:

The launch of kurbs new music marketing community @

And my very first presentation working with in devonport.

Jason there is going to be organising a seminar for local musicians covering

– album launch
– tour promotion
– digital strategies (thats me!)

So if you’re in Auckland in late July this should be an awesome opportunity to sponge up vital industry knowledge and hopefully I will get a biscuit.

I am not planning on showing you how to set up a myspace account. I’m not going to be talking about what you would do if you already had as much money behind you as people who have already made it do. To me, a digital strategy is a strategy to go to part time hours in your day job or get off the benefit within 12 months.

Glamourous huh? OK lets go!

Don’t forget we’re shifting to any day now!!!


Remember, marketing is all about delivering products and services that are solutions to peoples problems.

Now that my blog has become a half decent platform, I can start using it to draw in certain targets through the content I provide. Those targets of course being the ones who have the most to gain from the value I provide. I mean it’s nice to have a community. It’s nicer to have a community that gives you money for fixing their problems.


And needing an effective digital music promotions strategy in place that they can afford in the months before it provides even a hint of income is a massive problem for many artists.

If you end up signing up for the new  forum when it launches soon – I’ll be able to reveal many effective techniques that I wouldn’t otherwise share because its too valuable and it takes so long to explain why and how it works!

In the new Kurb private music marketing forum, I won’t just be explaining the idea behind things that work, I’ll actually just give out step by step instructions to follow, so you can just get it done with minimum hassle and brain numbing internet marketing talk.

Just late last week I sent out a task for my clients while theyre waiting around on the new forum – I carried out the rather lengthy task too and have been really happy with the result. Sure it was several hours of long and boring work. But romance aside, I had a lot more fun that night than some of the worst gigs I’ve ever played.


When it comes to the deepest levels of what I do, once all the long boring internet marketing stuff is done – it really does just come down to engaging the fan. And this is how we do it. By providing access to content that draws the prospect into the value, that makes them want more value.


So a lot of the stuff I’m going to be writing here for awhile is going to be directed towards those for whom the new music promotion community will be of most value – those who know enough about needing to promote online but are totally confused by it – because these concepts ARE complex.


The digital revolution is turning everything on it’s head and it’s a whole new world online. I’ve been learning this stuff for years, it’s no wonder artists are so confused!


The community recognises yes, it is work carrying out online promotion tasks but the craziest thing about web promotion is getting your head around how it works and knowing what to do, where to start, where to focus.


It’s a bit like music itself. You don’t have to know how to read and write music to make great music. You don’t have to have me explain everything about internet marketing for it to work for it. Obviously you would get a lot of benefit out of it, but it is a time vs. benefit equation, and you’ve got more hit songs, blogs and video updates to do, haven’t you?

See, I don’t think musicians want to be worrying about online promotion, they just want to get it done. Artists have enough on their plate writing great music, making meaningful artistic statements that resonate, looking cool, being cool, and interacting with their fans in a meaningful way


Do you think when you’ve made it, you’re going to be interested in building SEO backlinking strategies, administering mailing lists, optimizing ad revenue, keeping two dozen odd social and distribution avenues updated and all the rest.

Hosting on a dedicated server? Domain names? Podcasts? Blog administration – back ups and spam protection . . .

You don’t even want to have to think about it. That’s why we’re here. When you’ve made it, you’re going to pay me well and it won’t even be discussed until there’s a problem.


But until then – you don’t have to worry about how and why it works. Absorb what you can and carry out my instructions and you will have an internet campaign happening that you can afford. And when you’ve seen the results and you’re ready to lift it to the next level and quit doing all the boring stuff yourself, we’ll be there to take you up to the next level with your online promotion campaign.


I don’t promise to make anyone a star. The reality is there may not be stars anymore, just muso’s who can pay their mortgage, and that’s what I’m trying to create.

The thing is you’ve got to remember that now music is going digital, you’ve got a chance to make it that you never had before. But so has everybody else, which as it turns out, is probably just as much work as it used to be.

Now the next blog is going to introduce more fundamental theory and practice on what to know when initiating your online campaign.





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