Ad supported music revenue report June 08: sex, drugs and green tea

by Matt @ Kurb on June 9, 2008


Because I haven’t been posting too much on my blog my adsense revenue has slumped down under 50c a day. You gotta be posting daily to keep the momentum if you want to get those earnings up.


Remember I only have ads enabled on my network which totally underperforms wordpress. It’s quite obvious that WordPress is starting to pull ahead of the pack in terms of favoured platforms because of the custom features available on the self hosted platform.


You can also see amazon and google ads on my site


I’ve actually become a little inert on the blogging front there because my main focus ahead of launching my new online promotions venture is negotiating the technical aspects of shipping the whole lot of my wordpress operation from the limited free platform hosted by wordpress to the self hosted platform.


Unfortunately this is going severely damage my Google goodness I’ve got going here but I’ll be going into this in another blog about why I’m doing this and why it’s important soon. Just again. Technical stuff is a nightmare, so I’m doing it once, I’m doing it right! 


Back to the ad revenue, unsuprisingly, the Amazon thing has been a bit of a flop. Someones not going to reading about music promotion and then instantly feel like buying a book or downloading an album from Amazon. I was aware of this, it’s just that Amazon and Ebay are the two most rudimentary affiliate programs and it’s a good place for artists to get their heads around affiliate marketing as a revenue source because, much like everything else on the net, once you start to tweak and optimize the system you have in place, then you start to see an increasing stream of results.


The most basic description of what I do is I study internet marketing (aka IM or MMO “make money online”) and I try to apply the principals to musicians.


Remember I’ve talked about going deeper into affiliate marketing networks and coming to grips with how this industry works. And please let me stress again, that as musicians we’re preparing for a new era to begin possibly within the next 12 months where foundations created now will turn into significant revenue streams.


previously I described an offer in which an affiliate could recieve a payment of $1.50 for each person who signed up for a toolbar that allowed access to free E-cards (greeting cards you print out or send by email)


A new offer I just looked at through one of these more advanced ad networks was a competition rewarding a cash prize of $2500 for the affiliate who could sign up the most people for a free 30 day trial of some green tea product. Not only that but each commission for the free sign up was $US26.

Now let me be completely straight up with you about how this game works. From my awareness of techniques being used on the net at the moment, you are most likely required to submit your credit card details and if you do not cancel the order with in 30 days of signing up, your card will be automatically charged.


That’s right, these people make an industry out of people being to lazy to forget to cancel payment for their free green tea.


Whether they cancel or not – you still get $26.


Now I’ll just draw a line here for people who may not be familiar with the picture I’m painting.


If you have 1000 people on your mailing list and you send them an email saying check out this green tea offer, dont forget to cancel within 30 days or you’ll end up paying for it, 100 people check it out and sign up, and you’re banking $US2600.


Now as I said there are products to the days you can affiliate with. This was exactly what Lisa Loeb was saying. She tells her fans that she chooses these environmenetally friendly tissues or some such, and she’s probably got cut action on the cut.


Now the good people at the affiliate marketing network, being that we’re living in a digital age and all, have planty to help you out with, starting by suggesting that if you have access to a lot of married women 35+, then you’re likely to get a lot of people interested in this green tea.


Got some great little diagrams here too.




and personally I actually really recommend green tea as an energising and cleansing beverage!!! I would have no problems suggesting my fans drink more green tea.

I guess remember this is about connecting with your fans. If green tea is not a good fit with your brand or you feel it would be irresponsible to put your fans into a position where they would end up paying for free green tea because they forgot to cancel their credit card payment – that’s really in the essence of the message you provide to your fanbase.





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