Viral marketing, death of old media, and I’m still whinging about

by Matt @ Kurb on May 18, 2008

I can’t stop marketing even though I really should!

Still got way too much work on!!!

You see if I stop testing and developing new online marketing strategies then how am I going to create further and increasing value to my digital promotions clients by providing the most effective new techniques?

It’s really time I made some more videos but I’m trying to find a unique angle.
That USP (unique selling point) is essential in what you do!

We have the internet now. If there’s something better, than people are going to find it.
I’m always trying to find something better, I think that’s what I just told you. But you can’t always be the best.
But you can always be unique!


So I’ve been planning for a while to try some true viral video marketing techniques – that is – focus more on being “remarkable” than actually pushing my product and reasoning why people should give me their money.

This is more of a branding exercise. Selling stuff is so 20th century. Building relationships and attention with your audience is the new paradigm.


I was going to do a typical TV ad style video going on about how “bands were exploding” online and have a warzone bunker theme with explosions going off in the background and musicians who were literally blowing up.


Silly stuff.

I thought about making a funny video based around Seth Godin’s “purple cow” concept the original metaphor for “remarkable” marketing where some hick farmer calls me up wanting services from Kurb because they’ve used purple food colouring to make a purple cow and now they want to “Mana Tai’s” it

(that’s monetize for all you non Maori :p)

This is stuff that people want to see and share. Not me asking for money.


The state of new media in New Zealand leaves me with mixed feelings, much like the slashing of EMI’s operation in New Zealand (and throughout the world) just recently is sad given EMI’s historical role in developing New Zealand talent, and that this does represent decreased opportunities for New Zealand artists, but on other hand once again, it represents increased opportunities in the market for people like me who are digital strategists and innovators.


Because . . . there’s a lot of Dinosaurs just waiting round for the next meteor.


I am going to have to stop being polite about Amplifier.
I know its Chris the lawyer, and Simon who I love and Richie from One Million Dollars and all but seriously!!!


Only 50% for the artists? NO! (itunes offers 70%)

No share of advertising revenue for artists? NO! (sites like Reverb nation and Squidoo are already rolling out revenue sharing, while myspace has struck such a deal with the Majors)

No variable pricing determined by artists? NO!

Widgets only for P-money? NO!

Incredibly limited features? NO!

No access to fan data? NO!!

No social or any other discernable web 2.0 features? NO!

I may have to come out as an official critic of www. amplifier. co. nz

Amplifier, please!!!!! SORT IT!!!!!

Why if I wasn’t bigger and tougher I’d innovate their faces in!!!!

What is so ironic is that AMPLIFIER HAS A MYSPACE PAGE.
I was looking at the myspace of another popular traditional NZ Music media institution, not geographically that far from amplifier, thinking about 2006 when so many people capitulated and accepted that being on Myspace just had to be done.
How frustrating it must be to be part of the old media. Doing things like setting up a myspace page and probably thinking . . .
will this increase our readership or advertising revenue?

Not realising that the massive backlash against traditional advertising has already begun.
Television, Radio, Magazines – the authority of this old, centralized, gatekeeper style of media based on the disruptive power of advertising is just going to lose any relevance and quickly.
I’m not expecting to make a lot of money as a result of making silly videos, doing my blogs, and building my very own personalised media communication, specialized for my audience who trusts my authority.
But I will be very very surprised if I don’t.

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