Top 10 for music IQ: NZ ranks #6

by Matt @ Kurb on May 28, 2008

From music industry news feed

More than 26,000 respondents from 25 countries took an eMusic sponsored Music Intelligence test designed to determine whether they have a well-rounded music collection.  The survey revealed that Icelandics have the highest average national music IQ with a score of 119.

The homeland of Bjork, The Sugar Cubes and Sigur Ros beat Switzerland who came second with 113 points and Ireland with 111 points. Other countries to demonstrate better than average music intelligence…

were The United States (101), France (100) and Sweden (101). The UK came in an equal fourth with Spain. At the other end of the scoreboard Israel, Mexico and Finland couldn’t tell their Kinks from their krunk, only managing 85 points.

The Music Intelligence questionnaire was developed by musicians, industry experts and journalists in conjunction with eMusic. Covering every genre and era of music, the questions ranged from Beethoven to The White Stripes.

    THE TOP 10

   1. Iceland 119  
   2. Japan   112  
   3. Ireland 107  
   4. Spain   106  
   5. Great Britain   106  
   6. New Zealand     104  
   7. Sweden  101  
   8. United States   101  
   9. France  100  
  10. Canada  100   


Matt @ Kurb adds:

No surprises seeing Iceland come up on top, I’ve always been fascinated by how the Nordics run such sophisticated societies in the freezing cold.  

Iceland of course puts New Zealand in second place for the highest penetration of internet users per capita.

From wikipedia:

As of 2007, Iceland is the most developed country in the world with fellow Nordic country Norway according to the Human Development Index[3] and one of the most egalitarian, according to the calculation provided by the Gini coefficient[4]. Based upon a mixed economy where service, finance, fishing and various industries are the main sectors, it is also the fourth most productive country per capita.[5]

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Jeff 05.30.08 at 4:22 pm

Do you by any chance know where one could get a copy of the Musical IQ test?

If so please e-mail me!


Jessica 06.05.08 at 11:34 am

well this is an amazing statistics …. however, am not surprised much, cause the economy and infrastructure of both Iceland and NewZealand are stable and well regarded internationally.

Nice post, just stumbled upon this blog so thought should read a few and it was worth while

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