Preparing artists for the future: The meat in the digital promotion sandwich

by Matt @ Kurb on May 18, 2008 website still down! two days now!!!!

If there wasn’t a line of business out the door I’d be freaking out.

That website is like my instrument, I cant really make a living without it!

Just a recap on the last few posts – I actually realised my latest description of what it is we actually do wasn’t too shabby so I thought I’d take the chance to cut the fluff and go over that again.

Remember, we don’t specialize in overnight success. We specialize in creating exposure and revenue around content and growing a long term career in the music and related creative industries.

Our digital services are based on the following concepts:

Automation: We are experienced using a wide variety of exclusive software, services and techniques so we can maximise your exposure through many common internet channels, Myspace, Youtube, Google Searches and much more. Our focus is on targeted, useful, fan friendly interaction and functional, efficient content distribution, not thoughtless spam.

Implementation and Support: Often artists have specialised needs, that’s what unique about Kurb. Our experience using all the latest digital and online trends means we work with you to establish all the elements of your online platforms for distribution and sale of mp3’s and other digital products, your website, blogging, advertising platforms, p2p – everything you need to develop online as a serious artist now and in the future. There are also practical areas of photoshop, web coding, copywriting, profile design and other areas of consulting which we can support you with depending on the specific needs of the artists.

Coaching Strategy: Building a strategy starts to happen at least a month or two into promotions. Initially I answer artists questions and offer tips specific to the artist in developing habits that will produce a momentum – for example blogging advice is a biggie.

But once platforms are established and automated promotion tools are ticking over its time to really focus and examine the use of these platforms and tools into strategies based around certain goals, where we want fans to go, what we want them to do, and building hooks and propositions around those outcomes.

Research: Being ahead of the pack isn’t enough for us – our unique and forward looking service is continually developing. New promotion tools, strategies, techniques and offers are becoming available as the digital revolution rolls on and I truly believe one of the best reasons clients should get involved with kurb is not just what we’re doing now, but because we are the promotions company preparing artists for the future.

Also I’d like to add cross promotion to that. Because as we become a fixture in the music industry it’s giving us the opportunity to access and create projects that increase exposure for my whole stable of artists.

People who are passionate about music are coming to me offering help and opportunities. While I’m pursuing opportunities to innovate and create platforms more suited to the modern music industry.

I’m developing kurb music as an entertainment platform for my artists as well as exploring CD projects.

For example, I have more clients in Melbourne than anywhere else now. Which gives me the opportunity to create a project focused on raising the awareness of artists I’m working with within Melbourne.

Close to announcing our first 50/50 deal with a local band!!!! Watch this space.

Mailbox blogging bonus round!!!!

Join Twitter. Don’t ask me why, just do it.

When there’s heat online, don’t muck around, stake your claim early!

I’m not going to pretend I know why twitter is so wonderful, but that I have joined, because I have learned to recognise that when there is heat on the internet around a site, you make yourself a part of it.

If you weren’t on myspace in 2005, 2006, you’d be kicking yourself.

If you weren’t on facebook in 2007, you’d be kicking yourself.

And if you’re not on twitter in 2008 . . . could be ow ow ouchies.

Don’t forget little reverbnation to is still getting heat.

also wanted to tip you off about

the whole social media/social bookmarking scene is something I want to get you into in the future – it kind of goes hand in hand with blogging, but just like myspace or anything else you cant just sit there and wait for it to happen.

If you start bookmarking sites that other people think are cool as well, your “stumbles” (web pages you like) will increase in authority and that will include stumbling your own pages, I willl be stumbling my artists pages, as well as building networks of stumblers who support each other.

See? I learn a lot of stuff from doing marketing on the computer.

If you can get this right, it becomes very powerful when 500 people turn up on your site out of nowhere. Again, the result of this could be nothing. But if you have advertising on your site the result is likely to be $US5 if nothing else.

There are tonnes of sites like these but stumbleupon is really the big boy, so start there.



If you missed it: Bob Baker interviews Derek Sivers!!!!

Mr. Guerilla Marketing Vs. Mr. CD Baby!!!

Derek, Bless ‘im, has been using the same material for years but it doesn’t really take away from the fact that you got the two big guns of DIY music nattering for over an hour.

I was following these two guys way before myspace and their knowledge and understanding of the independent music scene is unparalleled.




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