Mailbox blogging 2: artist promotion standard response

by Matt @ Kurb on May 17, 2008

(it’s keyword time haha!)

Okay coming up is my new standard reply form letter. It helps people learn about EXACTLY what I offer so they dont ask me too many dumb questions. (which is inevitable, but I rather they pay for it first)
AND as I’ve said, you gotta keep updating your blog so I’m posting outta my gmail.

So yeah, too many artists, not enough Matt! It’s a problem right now!
This is the thing if I meet demand by raising my fees again or lowering the quality of my service, is that good for my business?

I’m getting tough on artists and fronting up. What I do, takes a long time to actually work and requires your involvement. I can’t really do that much for you in 3 months.

I’m sorry,  I can’t!  Providing value online is not about cashing in on overnight success. It’s about growing something that provides true and lasting value slowly and winning peoples trust and respect enough to profit from that.
This post is also about another point. My website is never finished (in fact it’s actually down right now but lets not get too worried) My standard response letter is never finished.

I am constantly revising, updating, tweaking, both my website and the standard letters and all elements of the marketing process for optimum communication efficiency and results. As in – results in my bank account.

First you gotta build a website.

THEN you gotta get people to come to it.

THEN you gotta get those people to engage with the content and respond with their minds and wallets.

Not so simple!!!! Thats going to take longer than 3 months. It is. 

That is why you are constantly revaluating, revising all elements of the marketing process for optimisation, for results. A pretty website doesn’t make people want to spend.

Connecting them with the message they want to hear and the feeling they want to have does.

Hi  there person who has emailed me wanting to spend money, thanks for your email!

Yes, this is a standard response email from me, Matt @ Kurb for artists who have made their first enquiry about our online promotion and digital services for artists.

Currently there is high demand for the unique specialised services we offer to a limited group of artists so it’s important to me that potential clients understand the nature of what we provide to ensure the best service.

The digital promotion and revenue management service we provide is not a quick fix, it’s not a shot in the arm, it is not about creating hype. It is long term, it is accumulative, it is sustainable, it is highly specialised to the individual client. It is about building a presence and exposure online, engaging fans, and creating revenue in innovative new ways.


The service we offer is currently based on a strictly limited number of artists who pay a monthly fee of between $US100-300 p/month, 1 month in advance.  

Commonly, we ask an act to commit to an initial campaign of 3 months at $US500, but because of recent demand and our reluctance to turn clients away in view of the need for long term sustained promotion, we have introduced a new low intensity entry level package of US$100 p/month so we can begin groundwork on long term strategies, and familiarising ourselves with what the artist and their target audience is “about”.
Our digital services are based on the following concepts:
Automation: We are experienced using a wide variety of exclusive software, services and techniques so we can maximise your exposure through many common internet channels, Myspace, Youtube, Google Searches and much more. Our focus is on targeted, useful, fan friendly interaction and functional, efficient content distribution, not thoughtless spam.

Implementation and Support: Often artists have specialised needs, that’s what unique about Kurb. Our experience using all the latest digital and online trends means we work with you to establish all the elements of your online platforms for distribution and sale of mp3’s and other digital products, your website, blogging, advertisng platforms – everything you need to develop online as a serious artist now and in the future. There are also practical areas of photoshop, web coding, copywriting, profile design and other areas of consulting which we can support you with depending on the specific needs of the artists.

Coaching Strategy: Building a strategy starts to happen at least a month or two into promotions. Initially I answer artists questions and offer tips specific to the artist in developing habits that will produce a momentum – for example blogging advice is a biggie.

But once platforms are established and automated promotion tools are ticking over its time to really focus and examine the use of these platforms and tools into strategies based around certain goals, where we want fans to go, what we want them to do, and building hooks and propositions around those outcomes.

Research: Being ahead of the pack isn’t enough for us – our unique and forward looking service is continually developing. New promotion tools, strategies, techniques and offers are becoming available as the digital revolution rolls on and I truly believe one of the best reasons clients should get involved with kurb is not just what we’re doing now, but because we are the  promotions company preparing artists for the future

Needless to say please reply with any further questions, but I must remind you I can’t just quickly explain many elements of how online promotion works, it is multi layered and complex, I get a lot of enquiries and the reason I have introduced the new US$100 p/month entry level package is to introduce you to the concept without a big commitment.
You can pay by paypal to to ensure your place.

Often it will be a week after we receive first payment before promotion starts due to our schedule. Much of the first month or two can be necessary set up, groundwork, assessing what needs to be done.

I hope this isn’t too much information but we really strive to be working with the right artists for the best results.

Regards, Matt @ Kurb

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