Mailbox blogging 1: a job in music promotion

by Matt @ Kurb on May 17, 2008

I often like to put a wee bit of effort into making my success a little bit inconspicuous.

But I have to announce in July I’m taking up a lucrative full time month long contract so business will be pretty much closed up except for all my current clients who will receive a free months promotion!

As guilty as I am of blogging away as artists beat a path to my door, research is as important as ever, and I must keep it up. Even if I lose clients. There’ll be more.

When I realised recently that because my proposition was so unique it would inevitably be under great demand, I also realised I must continue to research, test and develop to keep moving forward in innovative new techniques.

Did I tell you I had to stop all marketing because I couldn’t handle the amount of business coming through? Life is hard.

This is the result of groundwork laid and begun over a year ago.

Now you’re providing music and not a business service like I am so you’re going to have to be even more patient then me before you start getting offered 15k for a months work!

So all of my clients who are signed up for june will receive a free month of digital services in July, although I will be obviously fairly busy over that month!

As I said except when I’m using my blog to tell people why I know what I do works, or questioning government music industry funding, I like to play down my success. Otherwise I get people emailing me, and I don’t mean just obnoxious hip hop MC’s who think they’re all that, but people who want jobs, or yknow they want to “work with me” or “work together”.

Sometimes it’s good. Mostly it’s a waste of time.

But it really is an exciting time for digital innovation. I think in the next few years we’re going to see the amount of freelancers, self employed, innovators, consultants etc. explode.

I been to busy to write a blog so you can read what I write people in my mail.

Well It’s an exciting time for people working in digital industries
because the disruption caused by broadband and new technology is
creating so many new opportunities for people who are not stuck doing
things the old way.

Things have only just begun to change and already
the benefits are emerging clearly and yet internet marketing and
branding is yet to be embraced or even grasped by the mainstream.

I can’t really offer you a job as I have learnt to manage the growth
of my business very closely.

A lot of the work I do is not that
glamourous or sophisticated so I’m usually on the look out for kids to
take care of that.

But I can assure you there is a lot of opportunity right now.

Myself I could be off to set up in melbourne or I could focus on business
clients instead and double my fee. I am also looking seriously at Children’s entertainment.

You’ve got to remember the music industry is being severely disrupted
right now and there are massive challenges there, including the
misconceptions of artists and many inside the industry who’s concept
of the business is still stuck in the 90’s.

As a marketer I need to connect people with the unique inherent value
of a product, service or brand, and I want to be on the winning team
that gets a result.

Most musicians dont really understand how long and hard the game theyre playing is and they havent created unique value around a product, service or brand.

The things I do are pretty unique, and have made my business fairly
profitable but I dont have a magic wand or a recipe that makes people
famous, if I did Id be out spending my millions, not still working to
get there!

Regards, Matt @ Kurb

PS In school, school leaver? Keen on minimum wage but doing something half decent at least?

Like guillotines? Like glue? Like Photoshop? Like blogging? Like Myspace and Youtube?

Drop me a line. I’m a mellow boss, and the work isn’t too much of a drag.

The pay IS crap though.

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