What I’m doing: Gee Matt, if you’re so good at marketing . . . why not become a pirate?

by Matt @ Kurb on April 12, 2008



A lot of people want to hear about my success stories with bands before they’ll try out what I do for bands and musicians.


I’m only in my 20’s. I started this business over 3 years ago doing posters and I stopped being broke about a year ago when I started focusing on myspace and internet stuff. That is why I would often talk in my blogs late last year about how the techniques I’ve used to do well for myself are the same techniques I am using to help musicians, and really using kurb itself as the main subject of my examples.


I guess the thing is there aren’t that many people who are having success with bands right now, even the biggest music businesses in the world are losing value dramatically. If your business is music, you’ve got to accept that in 2008 you’re facing a challenge.


If you use kurb online marketing or digital coaching for musicians thinking you’ll make your money back – this is not going to happen in a matter of months, nor can you sit back and think for $50 a week I can wave a magic wand and make you famous.


If you want to be successful in music online as I have been in business online you’re going to have to be writing blogs, developing your site, making videos, developing new campaign propositions  – I’ve been doing this stuff every week now!


Internet marketing is just like internet dating. Don’t expect to fall in love in the first 3 months. Unfortunately, that’s when most people give up because it didn’t work straight away.


But the question remains. If I’m so good at marketing bands why haven’t made anyone famous?


Well I am happy to announce that my passive weekly income from online music and royalties is around $40 p/week. This is on material that is mostly over 2 years old. Not much, but a passive income is still something. 


Most musicians don’t realise the hard slog it now takes just to get to this point.


That is why I am most certainly developing my own projects to take advantage of my own wisdom and experience.

The top internet marketers who I learn all my tricks from all say . . . the richest internet marketers OWN THIER OWN PRODUCT. As a musician you’ll know: creating your own product comes with it’s own problems. 


But specifically, in making my own product, or service – or brand – as the case may be, I am going back to my part time job I had in uni, dressing up as a pirate and turning up to kids birthdays.


I am not passionate about being a childrens entertainer. But nor am I passionate about how little money I had when I was a full time club promoter 3-4 years ago.


But now I realise I have the marketing skills, I expect to not only be booked out doing 4 parties each weekend within 6 months at $200 a pop but also in a year from now, creating revenue from ad supported pirate content  as well retailing cd and dvd content as well as affiliate revenue from referrals on pirate merchandise . . .


See when I’m talking about advertising revenue from your site im not just talking about 10c a pay-per-click from google or 2c an impression for banner space but once we start talking about affiliate stuff . . . internet affiliates pick up commissions of 10-50% on most items which means if someone follows a link directly from my site and pays for a $200 product I’m going to see a good $50 at least of that in my pocket. And that’s where you start making decent money – when you pick advertising companies who supply the affiliate ads for your site that are great at picking products that your visitors buy.

So yeah, I’m going to become a pirate on the weekends because I’ve done it before and most importantly – I know how to market content on the web and by next year if I put plenty in I should earning a grand every weekend!


Well that’s my plan for the next 18 months and that’s putting my money where my mouth is!


Ahoy, me hearties!


Kurb is all about helping musicians use the internet to create revenue both through sale of traditional products and service and the new possibilities of web 2.0.

So watch this space for more analysis on how Captain Matty’s adventure is going to monetize online!!!!



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