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by Matt @ Kurb on April 30, 2008

And so here I am getting excited about advertising revenue from blogging and your site – you probably might still be a little skeptical about what my now $1 p/day earnings represent in the future, but then I’d forgotten all about revver and the ad supported video situation!

Youtube has begun offering in video adsense advertising and adsense offers video enabled ads so the crawl towards monetization is definitely on! 

What I read into this piece for musicians is as I said! HUNDREDS OF REVENUE STREAMS!!!! You may only be making a few bucks a day off your blog, a few off your videos, selling a few downloads, selling a few CD’s, collecting royalties but it all will start to add up.

ALSO I hope I get round to posting an update on our youtube promotion because I feel like we’re really starting to make progress here finally!!! So check out our digital artist services if you’re interested in video promotion, video promotion starts @ $US200p/month.

If you’re serious about youtube promotion, video promotion, marketing your videos, and preparing for a new era where all producers of online video content will get paid  – all that kind of thing, get in touch with us @ Kurb!!! 
Check this out from Silicon Valley Insider:


Online video company Revver announced that it has paid $1 million in revenue share to video producers over the past year.  With the help of a calculator and some additional reporting from NewTeeVee, can learn a lot from this nugget.  Would-be online video producers, listen up.

NewTeeVee calculates that this payout translates to approximately $40 per REVVER producer per year, which obviously means that a handful make some money and most make nothing.  One well-paid producer says he is making $1,000 to $3,000 a month. The highest paid Revver producer is reportedly EepyBird, which has “earned over $50,000 to date for the nearly 11 million views garnered by the Extreme Diet Coke & Mentos Experiments clip.” 

Unfortunately, after the splits, the [half a cent per view] is still far below the level needed to sustain life at most online video production shops (you could probably make more money writing short stories).  So don’t quit the day job just yet.



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