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by Matt @ Kurb on April 30, 2008

Okay got a bunch of blogs coming up, particularly continuing to address practical online promotion activity as I felt in responding to my clients questions there was an opportunity to get back to some basic stuff on my blog for those keen to learn and not get too ahead of myself!

lets start off with some quick titbits:

– Google PR update

– Kurb homesite shifts hosts; years of work undone: How badly will changing hosts effect my search rankings???

– Ad supported revenue rampage produces results!!!! Have already jumped to earning over $US1 a day only days after the rampage!

– Ad words is tu meke (That’s “Too Much” in Maori) had to SUSPEND my adwords campaign due to unsustainable demand on my services causing me to reflect when it’s right for artists to start using the power of adwords

The internet marketing and blogging world is going frantic as googles Page Rank system updates today which they do every 2-3 months/ Remember Page Rank isn’t directly related to your search rank, but an indicator of how much authority your site passes on to others – which determines your search rank.

That’s why having my sites and blogs rank highly is important for me passing on that authority when linking to my clients and other partners in my work.

No shift on my wordpress blog which is at a reasonably healthy PR4, or any of my dozens of satellite blogs that im cultivating for the purpose of long tail ad supported earnings but my blogspot blog did jump from PR2 to PR3.

But the killer for me was discovering this morning that the whole kurb website has been moved to another host by my guy who helps me out with the tech side of things and despite the update the whole of the kurb site . . .


So whats the take away?

A lot of the kurb home sites influence comes from the fact that I’ve been working on it for YEARS, before myspace, before I even started Kurb as a business, when I launched it as an e-zine as part of the record label I was running back in 2004.

4 years online is a really important reason why the kurb site is influential and thats why I suggest in online promotion, dont obsess over it, just get started, because it may be a long way down the line before you see the benefits. 

BUT this is why it is so important to set your website up for long term sustainability and accessability and don’t cut corners. This thing could be your bread and butter for 20 years or more!

It will be interesting to see how this effects traffic to my business! I am getting my own hosting set up straight away through just so I’ve got options.

I’ve made my website my biggest asset by slowly building, optimizing and turning it into a place where a chain of events gets put into place that ends with me making revenue. And I do!

Following the ad supported rampage last weekend where I added adsense as well as amazon associates to all my little blog projects as well as my website my blogging income has LEAPT up to over $US1 p/day!!!! My goal of having each blog earning a $1 p/day by next year might not be that far off!

And GET THIS, I have actually had to pull the plug on my adwords campaign because my $40 p/week budget was just getting more business than I could cope with.

Now adwords – googles ad platform, you see those damn little ads on myspace, everywhere – for musicians deserves a whole blogpost but the points I wanted to make is that i’ve been using adsense on my site for months on a website I knew already “worked” – people were emailing me, calling me, so I knew that what I had created was compelling enough for people to act.

More people visit, more people are compelled, more people act. Thats why adwords advertising is something a musician should definitely think about using but only once their website reaches that point that it is converting – people are signing up to the mailing list, people are downloading songs and engaging in ways that can be monetized either immediately or eventually.

In theory the kind of customisation and targeting delivered by Google represents a new paradigm in advertising which is an opportunity for all content creators to both grow their audience and create revenue from it. But this stuff – the highly nuanced targeting, the development of ad text, following a few marketing basics -y’know this is stuff that I’ve got a pretty good grasp on and I suggest this is another reason why an act might look at getting on a online promotion and digital coaching packages from kurb. if you’ve got the budget combined with marketing skills and experience in this area, – and of course a killer propostion – this method can be staggeringly effective.

Kurb is a media promotions company providing a regular blog on digital music promotion, marketing digital content and creating revenue from new media online.

Kurb also provides online promotion and revenue management services for musicians and artists internationally CD / DVD printing and duplication and poster services.Our physical media services come with free graphic set up and support, free delivery, and free promotions advice and support for musicians. 

And the best value fast turnover physical media services in New Zealand including

All the best with your project, from KurbFor direct enquiries get us on gmail as kurbpromoDIGITAL COACHING AND ONLINE MANAGEMENT STARTS @ $NZ250


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