online music promotion and spam: a reformed black hat

by Matt @ Kurb on April 23, 2008

Nicky Cakes aka partner ZU9whatever is an internet marketer and blogs on internet marketing under the bi-line “confessions of a reformed* black hat”

I know most of you just want to write your songs and earn a living. I wanna earn a living too promoting the songs you write, what those songs and what you represent, and creating value out of that that results in income. but one of the most inefficient parts of the work I do is explaining my work and the sorts of skills I have that make me in such demand right now to the people who pay me – people who just wanna make songs and make a buck from it.

My work involves learning about how internet marketing is carried out and looking at where that intersects with marketing music online in an appropriate way. Which is pretty unique because I’m doing pretty well with it.
I say “appropriate” because to me whether something is right or wrong or black hat or white hat spam or not is not the issue in marketing and promotion. I feel that if internet marketing messages and techniques are not useful to those who recieve them, because they are untargeted, unoriginal, and disruptive, then they are spam and damaging to your brand whether you used software, bots, scripts or automated techniques or not. 
To me it’s not spam that’s wrong or the methodology of communication but all communication that isn’t thought out with the interests of those recieving the message in mind.

Thats why the richest internet marketers are not software developers or code gurus. Unique ideas and innovation still drive music marketing and promotion  as it always has.

Nicky Cakes came along and told me off for “ripping off” his article, so you’re probably best to go to his site and read about it there, as I appear to have “breeched protocol” in regards to this post.

(I told you I had to work at crediting my sources!)

He also took issue with the preceding statement:

“Thats why the richest internet marketers are not software developers or code gurus.”

I think the point he wanted to make in correcting me on this is that there are a lot more people who know a lot more than me who are making a lot more money, and outside of any judgement I’m making about how you should go about it, internet marketing includes some very powerful tools.

Obviously I’m just trying to say, yes! There are some very powerful internet marketing tools that I am learning about that go beyond just myspace. If you really know what you’re doing you can make a lot of money.

But I’m still just learning, learning how these tools can help connect musicians with fans in a way that is suitable to the way the band wants to be seen to be building a relationship with their fans.

I guess It’s also a wake up call that as my blog grows, if I want to be a “serious blogger” it’s not really appropriate for me to just copy and paste other peoples stuff with little more than a backlink and without proper thought for the framing and accreditation of the post.


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