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by Matt @ Kurb on April 23, 2008

Kurb provides online promotion and revenue management services for musicians and artists internationally And the best value fast turnover physical media services in New Zealand including CD / DVD printing and duplication and poster services.

I guess less time sitting around scratching my head means more time to talk about practical, hands on online promotion strategies rather than selling the idea.

But the first thing I most stoked to announce is that I am earning almost $10 a month from blogging now, unfortunately you have to earn $100 before you get paid so could be waiting awhile.

But I am stoked because it proves that ad supported revenue – which as it turns out I happen to be a firm advocate of – does have potential because I know that what I have done now is only a fraction of what is possible because ad supported revenue will scale vertically as well as horizontally

Meaning: Not only will individual income streams grow, but further income platforms related to content provided will be possible. A dozen platforms combining to create 30c a day now can be scaled long term to 100 platforms combining to create hundreds of dollars a day.

Why am I obsessed with ad supported revenue?

Not only because it is a “make money while you sleep” strategy as praised by Derek sivers recently . . .

But because it’s future proof. Whatever happens to the recorded/digital music industry in the next 5-10 years, ad supported strategies worked by the individual content generator will be able to be worked outside the infrastructure of the industry.

You don’t need to be signed to a label or any other aggregator, with ad supported revenue being developed on your site and your blog its not Myspace or Apple or anybody else calling the shots.


So with the influx of clients I haven’t quite got to the point of informing anyone they will have to join a waiting list BUT I am being picky – I’m going to be more inclined to want to work with Auckland artists, New Zealand artists, more committed artists, more experienced artists and artists prepared to commit to working with me for at least 3 months.

I’m more interested in results now than turnover.

Most of the clients have their myspace pages being promoted with targeted campaigns, and we have established 2 supplementary blogs for each artist to start building content there that will bring in search authority and traffic.

Whereas I will use sites such as and for SEO authority, on the other hand has tools and a vibe about it which I see as being practically useful, with revenue sharing in place.


Squidoo also has revenue sharing platforms, but the thing about social and web 2.0 marketing is you must use the double movement. Not only are you building backlinks to create search authority but you’re using content to emphasise your unique selling point.

This is where I usually get to on myspace: We’re carrying out the promotion systematically but to create a real point of engagement we need to create a concept around a unique selling point or proposition.

Will it be a free download, will it be a competition, what is the motivation for the fan to interact or sign up for the mailing list, etc.?

I have also established .info domain names for each client as we expand their online presence. I discovered a domain name forwarding to your myspace will bring your myspace up in a localised search, and a myspace page is going to blow the arse off most NZ served pages in terms of authority.

But another reason for the .info thing is the real issues I have with web designers!!! Whether my clients come to me with a website built and functioning or not, the task im attempting to carry out is to tweak the site, or the myspace page etc. slowly over time to bring visitors to the site/page and then compelling them to take actions that are ultimately leading to financial gain by the artist.

If it’s a nightmare to make these tweaks you will never bring your site to the point I have got to with where every day the beast is slowly evolving, bringing visitors closer to exactly where I want them, and closer to creating more reward from less effort on my part.

That’s where I came up with the idea of Kurb Music – not a label, but a platform where I can freely develop search, social and revenue functions for my client base as a whole without the obstruction and complications of addressing individual clients

I’ll be looking at the way unique selling points and propositions deployed in targeted marketing campaigns can help promote the content on this platform, and how this platform can be expanded.

Right now it’s a way to contribute value to my clients as well as working towards a personal goal – a bottom up approach to implementing my business plan for the choice as NZ music portal

Yes, Kurb Music is another one of those “Matt Ideas” like kurb 50/50 or plasticast. The point is not whether the project functions practically, it is that an innovative concept has a complete model and is ready to be developed and tested under the right circumstances.

On my site, search returns continue to surge, all that SEO work is paying off and google searches are accounting for 75% of my traffic.All that really means is all the traffic I’ve lost from myspace over the last 6 months is probably now being made up for.

The issue im trying to face right now is the seinfeld issue. Either you see watch Seinfeld on TV for free or you fly to Vegas and catch him at US$200 a ticket.

Seinfeld has no mid range option.

With me either you read my blog for free or you pay me US$200 a month to help you. Kurb Music is something I’m trying to develop as a mid range promotions product of $10-20 p/week value.

What Trent Reznor did by offering so many different variables and products on his last release was create value at so many different levels for his fanbase.

By creating everything from a blog with a few google ads to DVD’s packed with multimedia content, that’s what Kurb is trying to do for artists.

Here’s an interesting link covering all the social music services.

You know how I feel, DON’T waste your time signing up for every music service under the sun.

HOWEVER there is definitely a thread running through the internet marketing community right now that suggests that we shouldn’t be afraid of a little hard work.

Web 2.0 is different. It’s a vast network without the dead ends of Web 1.0, it doesn’t matter where you start as long as make a start!

Also my habit of focusing on my blogging only one day a week has produced some weird results – I’ve seen something similar before having 500+ visitors to my myspace blog alone in the course of a day or two after a series of posts.

Frustratingly, because its myspace and theres no detailed stats, I have no idea where these people are coming from or how they found my blog!!!! I only have 30 odd subscribers so . . . and it’s not like it generated a whole lot of leads – 500 visitors to the kurb home site would definitely turn out several leads.


Kurb is a media promotions company providing a regular blog on digital music promotion, marketing digital content and creating revenue from new media online.

Kurb also provides online promotion and revenue management services for musicians and artists internationally And the best value fast turnover physical media services in New Zealand including CD / DVD printing and duplication and poster services.

Our physical media services come with free graphic set up and support, free delivery, and free promotions advice and support for musicians. –

All the best with your project, from Kurb
For direct enquiries get us on gmail as kurbpromo





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