April 2008 blogging and music promotion services update

by Matt @ Kurb on April 14, 2008


Sometimes I think my RSS reader is broken when certain bloggers go quiet, but it certainly happens.


Blogging takes commitment.

In my case, I’m just too busy with “core activity”, so my obligation turns more to handling my workload and my responsibilities to my clients, and the opportunity there to test practical techniques and create tangible results.


Marketing my services is no longer a priority and blogging despite many benefits, does ultimately fall under that category.


But the idea behind blogging is like getting fit or anything else you commit to for the sake of improvement – you see the benefits only as it becomes a habitual practice that you stick to and the regular creation of accumulating content lends you favour toward google and searches, it teaches you more about finding your audience, and creating quality content consistently for them.


That’s why once a month or so I will go over all my blogs (remember I’ve got over 30 of them) just do a little informal update and drop down my “link family” all my backlinks reinforcing my network of profiles and clients


You’re not going to see results from blogging unless you’re disciplined about it.

I’ve already moved into experimenting and testing my theories, especially on Blogger.com where Google allows you to integrate adwords advertising immediately.


My goal is to have my 16 Blogger blogs earning an average of $1 p/day by next year.


But unfortunately wordpress is the one that gives me more traffic, so installing and learning the wordpress software platform so I can then learn about advertising widgets etc., alongside social media (stumbleupon, del.icio.us, etc.) are my two main areas of research.


While that’s going on you might catch me blogging more about CD’s.


CD and DVD production is still my main crust, so, just like you would choose the broader subject matter of your blogs to target your audience the way I did with my youtube post, I’ll be adding more content about CD’s and DVD’s because I’m aiming to underline my authority in that area to google.


Kinda boring, I know, but hey. Even if im posting blogs about CD and DVD duplication, printing or reproduction projects, or Kids Pirate birthday childrens entertainment parties or just pushing my clients


Kanarek – Psychedelic Fusion; Hollywood/Toronto

Golpe Con Classe – Hip Hop/Latin; Spain


Cut The Bull PR – Publicity and Artist Representation, Hollywood 

Al Walser – Pop/R&B; California/Liechtenstien

Phoenix Block – New Wave/Electropop; Florida

Ganga – Chill Out/Downbeat; Denmark

Now . . . You Die! Metal / Crust Punk; Melbourne, Australia

Koshowko- Electro Pop; Melbourne, Australia

Auckland Painting – Residential and Commercial painters; Auckland, New Zealand

The Embassadors – Jazz; International collective

DJ TKD – Hip Hop; New Zealand

Element – Hip Hop; New Zealand

Azumuth – Rock; Melbourne, Australia

Roger Greenaway – A/C; Wellington, New Zealand

Murrays Chosen Few – Classic Rock; Australia

Romantech – Drum’n Bass/Downbeat; Auckland, New Zealand (me)


 . . . you’ll be able to observe how I use links and keyword anchor text to create content that attracts traffic.  


PLASTICAST: Is likely to go ahead but as an inside job – a client only thing. As I said my focus is less on creating the dynamic proposition that will draw in my audience but rather delivering in excess on their expectations in order to create a lasting relationship which results in earnings.





Digital coaching packages are pretty much full, so again my priority is more on quality of service than creating more revenue. I’m looking to choose to work with artists and in situations that put me in the best position to create benefits from what I’m doing. 


Which also means working with Hollywood based publicity agents cut the bull PR because having connections and “who you know” in the industry is just as important as ever . . .

And teaming up on a project which will hopefully see me give my first public kind of workshop presentation!


I still want New Zealand acts who may not have a lot of money to take advantage of our services so I am currently offering a service of $400 over 3 months which is a bare basic online promotion package.



There are also after school jobs on youth rates for teenagers close to Grey Lynn, doing a few exciting jobs like dropping flyers around the shops and such but mainly just guillotining. Lots of guillotining. Unique opportunity here, kids.    



Kurb is a New Zealand based media promotions company providing a regular blog on digital promotion, marketing digital content and creating revenue from new media online. 

Kurb also provides online promotion and revenue management services for musicians and artists internationally.

And the best value fast turnover physical media services in New Zealand including CD / DVD duplication and poster services. Our physical media services come with free graphic set up and support, free delivery, and free promotions advice and support for musicians.

http://www.youtube.com/user/kurbpromo –

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