Tags for video and blogs. Oh and Twitter. And . . . yeah

by Matt @ Kurb on March 30, 2008

Just wanted to say a word about tags.

As you may know I use several blogging platforms and I’ve also been doing videos this year.

Whenever you post a new blog or video it’s fundamental to post associated tags!

Like for this post I’ll tag it:

 Tags, youtube promotion, blog promotion, online promotion, videos, twitter 

And that should probably do, it’s not like this is a killer post or anything but when you are posting essential “flagship” material and you want people to see it

 You know I love to cut corners and optimize my promotional activity. But because I’m running so many blogs, I’ve really noticed the ones that are tagged properly are the ones that are bringing in random search traffic!

ALSO: Last night I went out with a friend and shot and edited a fun video for youtube and added some music. Did it in windows moviemaker. Took about 6 hours, all up.

I’ve only been learning to shoot and make videos this year. 

I work 60+ hours a week. Blogging and posting videos should be part of your weekly routine.

This nonsense about needing $5k to do a video that takes months or weeks . . .  thats just ridiculous now.

This is the new music industry. It is actually all within your power. 

 I should really join Twitter, it’s so hot right now. Except I know what the principle is, it’s like micro social networking and in a big way its foreshadowing the fact we’ll all be surfing on our phones pretty soon.

Basically you’re using txt message sized posts to update your network.

This is the thing. If your promotion style is very network focused, working in a team or bouncing off others and you’re on the move a lot, this could – should – be a go for you.

Myself, I work from home and don’t travel very much at all and my promotion style is very much more content focused.

To me I’m not sure I need to know what my colleagues are doing or thinking at multiple points in the day.
 AND It’s also getting to that point again where I need to watch the work load I’m taking on so it gets hard to respond to the more casual enquiries.



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