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by Matt @ Kurb on March 19, 2008


To me the idea of hooks – ideas, concepts, unique selling points – are an essential part of drawing in your initial audience.

So my blog is starting to move off the mark – and I recognised the pattern from all reports that the first 6 lonely months are something you’ve just go to get through – BUT now I’ve started to build a platform I can put forward my own unique concepts.

And artists with a strong blog can interact with their fans in this way and experiment with ideas that are super freaky cool and get everyone talking.

I’m really keen to start talking about this 50/50 thing.  

It’s pretty simple: An act brings  a bunch of recordings to me, hopefully enough for an album. Kurb takes the songs, we build the products and the campaign, we bring half the money we take back to the artist.

The artist never puts up a cent. But we take half of every income stream available from the recording. Forever.

Pretty straightforward. I will only be offering this to Auckland based acts initially. Hamilton/Whangarei/Tauranga maybe.

See because of my blog it doesn’t matter if it actually happens because the ideas are out there. And if someone half decent comes along and says okay Kurb, we’ll give you half the cash if you put our album out for us, then I can say sure, but I want to write about some of what I’m doing on my blog, so I can illustrate what digital promotion is bringing to artist management.

I want everyone in Auckland’s saying . . . talking about Kurb’s new label, the one where you can put an album out for free, get half the money and not stump up a cent.

Oh it’s way long tail.
There’s this chick on the music think tank from Ariel publicity it said this about her:

After 10 years of supporting mostly indie artists (1100 of them) she took the company 100% digital and renamed it Cyber PR, slashed her rates to 1/10 of what she used to charge and quadrupled her client base – and has been having a blast ever since! She is the author of ‘Boost Your Music Career in 10 Steps’ and runs workshops and seminars on music promotion.

let me get this straight she:

took the company 100% digital and renamed it Cyber PR, slashed her rates to 1/10 of what she used to charge and quadrupled her client base.

After thinking about the 50/50 thing I kinda thought there was something in that.

As I said in my last blog – artists have no money, and to be honest, though I’m a lot cheaper than a publicist, you cant just throw a few hundred dollars at me and expect earth moving results! It doesn’t work that way.

But think about it. With Kurb 50/50 we’ve got the promotion – you don’t even have to work that hard if you’ve got talent!

But thats the point of this post: it doesn’t matter if it works or not. At Kurb we’re innovating. And if we’re innovating and peole are talking about the ideas arising from that then we’re making progress.

Kurb is a New Zealand based media promotions company providing a regular blog on digital promotion, marketing digital content and creating revenue from new media online. 

Kurb also provides online promotion and revenue management services for musicians and artists internationally and online / digital coaching for small business. We rank #1 for “online promotion” in New Zealand. 
And the best value fast turnover physical media services in New Zealand including CD / DVD duplication and poster services.
Our physical media services come with free graphic set up and support, free delivery, and free promotions advice and support for musicians.

We provide expert and affordable promotion support in all web 2.0 areas: Cutting edge Social Network promotion (Myspace, Facebook, Bebo etc.), Social Media, Blogging, Spam management, Content creation, Content management, Content Distribution, OMD, RSS, Aggregators, podcasts, Search ranking, Search marketing and PPC campaigns on Google and Facebook, Website design, Website monetization, Video production + promotion,

We also have an extensive self promotion area for independent musician and talent featuring dozens of articles, how to features and blog links. –

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J Bluevibe 03.19.08 at 8:22 am

Matt Turner 03.19.08 at 9:04 am


no one knows what the rules will be for the new music biz but i bet they’ll be written in the “blogosphere”

(i hate that word)

but awesome link I need to learn to blog short and sweet with a catchy title like that guy.

I think its worth taking the chance to dust off the old social media and throw down some bookmarks on this one.

cheers man.

Justin Boland 03.19.08 at 6:01 pm

Take a look at the dating website “Plenty of Fish” — they’ve got 2 employees and they’re worth millions, thanks to a completely counter-intuitive minimalism approach. They identified a precise need, and built their entire service to cater ONLY to that need.

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