little moan and some other NZ stuff

by Matt @ Kurb on March 20, 2008

Yup had a record day on my blog yesterday . . . into 3 figures on uniques . . .


So my post on dirty youtube tricks has had heaps of hits but my new search bait blog which was pretty hot off the mark to announce the latest celebrity nudes to hit the net has had . . .

0 hits.

 Remember that when you’re building your niche people/

I’ve held my tongue in regards to for awhile now, but whats crazy to me is that P-money has an amplifier widget on his page and I have heard nothing about amplifier releasing a widget.

In fact for almost 18 months I’ve been wondering “why doesn’t amplifier help to build the New Zealand music export economy by building and promoting access to widgets for kiwi artists?”

This seems a bit on the nose.

 And don’t complain that Brad Carter from Steriogram got $50,000 from the government for a band that doesn’t exist either.

I tend not to complain. It doesn’t do any good.

Complaining about NZ on Air or Creative NZ never helped me as a musician.

In New Zealand you just tend to look like the leader of the poppy cutting brigade.

Just get on with it. If you’ve got talent and passion you don’t need a hand out from the government.

I’m going to have another go on soon. They always ban my posts.


Whats that about?

Not that I’m complaining. I thought with the standards of the blogs kept there they’d actually welcome someone talking about . . . y’know . . . music.


Hot tip – PR4’s all over the show . . . get yer link on it! 


also – – is now selling presales from thier website?



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