360 deal out – kurb 50/50 in – kurb to become a label and offer contracts?

by Matt @ Kurb on March 20, 2008



Awesome link provided by J vibes @ http://www.bluevibestudio.com






Need a 5th digital beatle? Get my number . . . don’t call me in the morning because I’m up all night writing blogs and putting up posters in town.




ANYWAY 50 / 50 lets talk about it!!!!



Last year – I hope I posted it!!! Or not! Haha – I did a riff about kurb creating deals with artists.

My slightly smug I suppose proposition was that in exchange for promoting a band I would take 100% of the profits from their recorded music. The bands share would be whatever else they could make from gigging, merchandise etc.

just like a real label, really, I wasn’t really serious.



recently after reading so much stuff about the new wave of marketing – and how the whole “free” thing is blowing up – not just music, Chris Anderson, Mr. Long Tail , and all these mad marketers are talking about making everything free, it’s like world war free!!!.

These people want to do what TV did to movies . . . to everything else!!!

Imagine that? buying – wait – being GIVEN a drill if you accepted receiving ads for other tools for 3 months??

Anyway. Back to the proposition. I realise, as I mentioned in a recent post, there’s a need to continue to be innovative and deliver propositions that make people go . . . wow!!! I gotta know more about that!!! To progress/

Also I’ve been aware of my own position of advantage to create these types of truly innovative propositions, and although my current proposition protects me from going unrewarded for any work put into a certain act there are definite flaws, because there are walls, and the new media environment is all about access.

The biggest wall is obviously the $NZ50-100 I expect a band to pay me each week.

To create value from the types of services I provide will undoubtedly take months, and it can be a nervous relationship between an artist and I when cash is short and the artist expects revenue to come when that simply isn’t going to happen without months of work and thousands of dollars investment.

Now to create the dynamic proposition, I have to put myself in a position where I am showing I am sharing the risk in good faith and accepting responsibility for the outcome of my efforts – if it doesn’t work then I don’t get paid – and the poor artists are not left out of pocket.

But I have to protect my investment. And my investment is not the artist, but the songs. I am not signing acts to 50/50. I am signing groups of songs as a project.

But everything I do to promote and monetize those recordings helps the band. And everything the band does to monetize outside of those recordings, still promotes those recordings.

The whole point is as far as collecting revenue from publishing, royalties, licensing, retail, ad supported platforms etc. the artist doesn’t really have to do a thing once the recordings are finished.

But then I guess that’s the catch with 50/50. Because I’ve followed through on my initial commitment to make the music available for download and CD release, neither do I.










PS haha isn’t it ironic that I’m only offering the service in Auckland initially because . . .




Oh it’s all changing so quickly isn’t it?



Haha – hey! coordination is all about judging HOW FAST a moving object is going.


If I pass you the mic . . . don’t drop it.

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