Spam and philosophy: Matt the happy little spammer

by Matt @ Kurb on October 8, 2007

Okay I’m really starting to rev up on the blogging because I’m spamming less than I used to and getting more traffic than ever! I’m #1 on google NZ for “online promotion”!!! But I have been keeping almost 20 blogs. Oh they’re all the same they just look different and have different names. This is the internet. This is digital promotion. Welcome to Kurb.

As I said, Australians can be pretty cynical. They always wanna know what successes I’ve had with bands I’ve worked with. And given that one of my main areas of expertise regards the fine definition of what exactly constitutes “spam”, I don’t really feel obliged to divulge the identities of my top clients.

The thing about running a promotions and marketing business is that I’m my own number one client. If Kurb was no good at promoting itself, it wouldn’t get much chance to promote anybody else. Luckily that’s far from the state of things.

And with my business ballooning, that’s what this articles about, my head turning into a balloon and you watching and learning from me.

Have a thought for me. Don’t think I don’t think about what it would be like if I was in a tight band of hot young guys or had just recorded a top song or a unique video and where I could take it with my skills. Instead I just happen to be one of New Zealand’s most dynamic new music marketing minds, and that being what I happen to be good at, I’m best advised to stick with it.

So what can you learn from me? The problem with most spammers is they are fuckin’ morons with no class. There’s no substance to the muck they peddle yet they are given a great power and they abuse it.

We’re living in a time when the full effects of the internet and online media are starting to permeate the everyday lives of the 1.1 billion people who use it – which is so much better than having deal with SAME OLD 3.5 million people who use it in New Zealand which has the second highest proportion of internet users in the world!!!

And poor Bic Runga can’t even sell enough records to give up her day job!

See that’s where me being an internet promotions expert is useful. Not only in that I already have clients (“fans”?) in Australia (And Europe), but that that means when the 92% of the 87% of new Zealanders who use the internet who use a New Zealand based google search type in “online promotion”, guess who comes up first?

Look at what you can learn from me. When I unleash a spampaign for Kurb – and I actually haven’t needed to for months, we’ve been that busy – I’m not begging people to “buy the new album” so to speak or ramming some new me me me thing down their throat. The fact is I offer a targeted audience of artists a really informative, cutting edge and informative series of blogs and on my site, a really solid range of articles I’ve sourced on basics – and promoting bands kinda is my full time job. And this is the angle I push because the internet is now all about trust, quality and brand. Because Kurb is all about providing access but when theres so much access, reliability and worthiness become really important.

Kurb is like having a doorman who says “right this way” to all the potential fans walking down myspace and youtube street.

To me the obvious thing about internet expert types who don’t spam is . . . who do they think theyre kidding? Any straight laced marketer who doesn’t know anything about softspamming or diet spamming or spam lite or whatever is charging way too much.

Of course I’m about to make a video with me sitting with all my computers spamming away in the background so people can see exactly who I am and I can tell them exactly what kurb means. Of course I will continue to write Blogs that illustrate my expertise analysis and depth of research and allow those who have afforded me an opportunity to spread some of the insight I offer to benefit from it without me asking for anything else in return. And today and tomorrow there is gonna be at least one person who reads this and calls or emails me about getting a campaign going.

More about videos and blogs and all that stuff next blog but what about you? I mean I’m sure you probably don’t know as much about spam (ahem) I mean “automation” as I do but that’s not your job – You’re the one who is changing lives with your music and looking cool, remember?

But people are gonna ask the same questions. Can we trust you? Does your brand stand for quality, is it the truth? Are you for real or are you just a wannabe, one of these types who wants to be a rock star, wants to be on tv? I mean we can see you but are you reliable, are you worthy? This is the internet, theres always something cooler two clicks away.

So are your songs any good? Is your video cool, does it say something? Do you look like – or are just kinda like some cool character out of a movie? Do you have a “vibe”? Do you and the guys you play with seem like cool guys to hang out with? Are you gonna keep doing cool stuff – cool videos that show us that you’re about something, blogs that tell us cool stuff – advice, stories and links to stuff we will enjoy and use? Can I have some of your stuff without having to pay for it? I mean, Are we friends?

Right now I’m looking at a Macdonalds cup and its some guy playing the drums called Xavier from Puerto Rico. Xavier is not my friend. Never really heard of him and I don’t care already except for thinking about how many macdonalds cups this guy is on and how it relates to what im saying.

Xavier is on a fucking million Macdonalds cups and he seems like a cool guy – but no ones gonna buy his album because he’s on a fucking macdonalds cup!

Macdonalds cup: Bad
Real actual connection through quality of content that speaks to people about who you are and what you represent: Good

Uh but what about spam uncle matty?

Most people don’t see me as a spammer because I’m not anonymously pre empting them to buy something under false pretences!

I’m Matt from Kurb, I added you on myspace using a machine because you’re an artist from Australia or New Zealand, and I’m here to give advice about making money or a career in music for free! Is there a problem for you with that?

So what have we learned?

– Spam can be bad, spam can be good, but spam works. And when I say “spam” I don’t mean actual spam, come on. That’s illegal. I mean UH “Automation.”

– People don’t want crap. They don’t want crappy music promotion advice and they don’t want to listen to crap songs or watch crap video or buy crap albums and if you spam crappy crap that’s even worse. Especially if you act like a rock star and don’t reply to real (as opposed to spam) comments and messages.

– When you’re good at what you do – whether its run a media promotions company like me – or make music and cool videos and stuff like you – and you give away cool free stuff that’s not crap and your kind of cool and not crappy in your own way – people will like you and contact you and give you money.

If they can find you amongst all that “access”.

without sp – AUTOMATION you’re not playing the numbers, you’re playing lotto with what opportunities you’ve got really just hoping you’re gonna get lucky. Which basically just narrows it down to people who are freakishly all round talented or basically a sex object or both.

So how do I know it’s true? Because it’s working for me and I haven’t hit the ceiling yet!

Cheers for the connection with Kurb.

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